Confessions of a Doncaster junkie…

I like the fact it’s a “one step process” for clothes shopping….the outfits are coordinated, the quality is excellent, clothes can be worn year after year, and it’s always fun to see you and socialize during the appointment.”

Terry Thorson Cox President & CEO Business Innovation & Growth (BIG) “Successful Entrepreneurs supporting Successful Entrepreneurs”

flowered cardigan


Having the opportunity to shop and purchase through the Doncaster shows has really spoiled the normal retail shopping experience for me. Working with you, and the Doncaster line, on a continuous basis allows for consistency in both design and quality in my wardrobe. Although I do continue to shop the top stores and designers, mostly for information about trends, it is just too painful to look for colors, sizes and coordinating pieces in this environment. I really appreciate your knowledge of the industry, design trends, and particularly my lifestyle and preferences. One other real driving force had been the fact that Doncaster was made in America, although I understand they too have followed the markets and are now producing most items in China. How I wish this wasn’t so.”

Deborah Atkins Senior Property Manager Childress Klein Properties

My favorite jacket of all time was long, teal, and always looked perfect! After 5 years and lots of wear, I finally had to retire it. I still miss that jacket! Marguerite does a marvelous service in helping me find the right pieces for my style and current wardrobe. She always works WITH me and does not try to sell me. I have many Doncaster pieces that I wear year after year and I really get my moneys worth. And I look good too!”

Marcia Jackson Training Resources

Most important to me is the time savings. In 1 1/2 hours I can select several outfits to cover everything from casual to formal occasions. You’ve kept great records of my previous purchases, complete with swatches, so I can know immediately if a new item will coordinate with an existing one. Plus, you know my tastes well enough now to eliminate the pieces in each collection that you know I won’t be interested in. This further streamlines the time it takes to find the pieces I love. Plus, a little white wine at 6pm is a lagniappe!”

Cyndie Mynatt Ben Mynatt Chevrolet, Pontiac, Cadillac, Nissan
If blue flared dressyou’re like me and don’t have time or inclination to shop, I’d like to recommend Marguerite Rupar who represents the Doncaster line of clothing.  I shop with a private appointment and a private consultant with Marguerite 2-3 times a year and always have a coordinated wardrobe in my closet.  Marguerite has a great eye for fashion, and a warm, caring nature to ensure you’ll look your very best.  I’ve shopped with her for about 12 years.   
She saved me last year with having the perfect mother of the bride ensemble.  I was determined I was not going to wear chiffon and sequins, but could not find anything else.  My spring appointment with her was about two weeks before the wedding, and she had a beautiful dress and jacket which we ordered, and then she arranged with another client to swap around a size exchange because the time was too short to return and exchange through Doncaster.  Marguerite even brought her own jewelry and shoes over to help me know what to pick up to complete the look.   (I’ll tell you, I am really shopping challenged!)
Catherine Mitchell, Catherine Mitchell Realty